Construction Update 7/21/22

Abatement work in the LRC and Student Center has been completed. Concrete work in Chandler Village is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, July 26. Work on the LRC sidewalk will begin once Chandler Village is complete at a date yet to be determined. Please observe all posted signs and exercise caution in active construction zones.

Construction Update July 7, 2022

Ostrow electrical work inside the LRC, Student Center, and vault is complete. Containment is in place for abatement work on the tile floor in the LRC electrical room. Work on the Dowden/Chandler Village courtyard will begin in late July. Please exercise caution and observe posted instructions in active work zones.

Construction Update Week of 6/6

Interior electrical conduit work will continue in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) throughout the week. Bollards will be installed outside Waslayean Hall and Sullivan, and digging will commence outside the LRC. Please exercise caution in work areas and observe all posted signs.

Construction Work Resumes

Electrical work has resumed in the Learning Resource Center and Student Center. The week of May 30, conduits will be installed in LRC 114 and LRC 104B. In the Student Center, door replacement work is ongoing. Please exercise caution in marked work areas and follow all posted instructions.